April 2, 2019

Technology Takes Classroom Management to a Whole New Level

Technology Takes Classroom Management to a Whole New Level

I don't know about you, but I am in the survival portion of the school year! We just finished state testing (although I still have make-ups) and there are 12 school days until Spring Break (I may be counting down!). I am exhausted! At least my class is back into a normal classroom routine. I have really missed that with all the testing.

I've found a new management tool that has helped make my life easier and hopefully will make yours as well!

Have you heard about Classroom Screen? It's been a game changer in my classroom. There are so many features and the best part...it's FREE!!!!

Here are my favorite parts:

Sound Level - If your computer has a microphone, it can keep track of the sound level of your class. You can adjust the level based on how sensitive your microphone is. If the class gets too loud, a bell rings. It's not too loud or obnoxious but it does get my students to refocus.

I admit that I had a little difficulty setting this up in the beginning. My microphone had to be set up on the computer first. In order to do that, it had to listen to me speak a sentence. Check your computer settings. It should walk you through this.

Timer - We have started using this timer quite a bit. It's an hour glass that counts down. I just like changing things up.

Work Symbols - There are work symbol cards that can be changed up based on what you are completing with your students. These include silent, whisper voices, etc. I love having a visual for my students.

Traffic Light - Speaking of visuals, there is a traffic light that can be changed based on what students need to see - Red, Yellow, or Green.

Some other features include a random name generator, text options, drawing box, background (I use the book), QR Code generator (perfect if you use Ipads in your room), and if you look in the lower right corner, there is an Exit Poll option. We haven't tried all of these yet, but I look forward to in the future.

This week I challenge you to try Classroom Screen in your classroom. Leave it up on your Smart Board during the day. Let me know how it works for you.

What tips do you have for classroom management?

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