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April 23, 2019

Who is the Frazzled Teacher?

It's me Beth, the Frazzled Teacher. This week I'm on Spring Break. I spent today thinking about things I could write about but the truth is...I need a break! I need to take my mind off of everything school related! Because of this, I decided to write a little about me as a person, nothing teaching related! 

Here are 10 things you might want to know about me (or don't but will still get to see):

1. I am an avid reader! Currently I am in the middle of three books. I have trouble reading one book at a time. I have to force myself to have a limit of three books because I could easily start 5 or 6 books. I always finish the ones I start, although it may be months later before I return to them. Most books, however, I finish in a few days. If you are interested, on Instagram, I share the books I am currently reading on Thursdays. 

2. I have three cats! Yes you read that correctly, three cats! I never planned on having my own cat as an adult. I was a cat foster mom though. My second foster assignment gave me two cats, Kiwi and Lemur, when their owner did not want them back. Then I was cleaning out my garage when Mischief literally jumped into my arms. I couldn't let him go back out in the cold. He was an adorable kitten then (although I couldn't let him go even if he was a grown cat). I guess this truly makes me a cat lady!

Yes, I do walk my cat (only Mischief). He has his own special harness.

3. I exercise everyday. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely NOT a health nut or particularly healthy. I find if I exercise everyday, I can keep it up. When I start taking days off, I look for any excuse to stop and it never happens.

4. I probably have the biggest sweet tooth out of everyone I know. I am a sugar addict. It's a good thing I exercise everyday or I would probably be the size of a house! 

5. This school year I have been getting regular manicures. It is my form of stress relief. The place I go also gives little back massages after the manicure. It's super relaxing!

6. I am willing to try new things! This may mean going someplace new, trying a new food, etc. This has led me to trying new hobbies, traveling the world, and exploring new places. Just yesterday, I went to the zoo and tried the Penguin Encounter. I got to be up close and pet some adorable penguins! You never know what you will like unless you are willing to try new things!

7. I am a super picky eater! This may seem to contradict #6 but it doesn't! While I am willing to try new foods, I almost never like what I have tried! 

8. I am the godmother to a beautiful niece! I don't get to see her too often but love it when I do get the opportunity! 

Isn't she so stylish?

9. I love naps! I could be happy taking a nap everyday. The amount of time doesn't matter - 10 minutes to a couple of hours. Naps are incredible!

10. My word of the year is Change. I want to make some big changes this year and my word reminds me of this!

Want to find out how I became the Frazzled Teacher? Check out the blog post HERE.

What should I know about you?

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